Imagined Homelands Episode 1

Is India any better than Myanmar for the Rohingya

For the first episode of this podcast, we spoke to Rohingya refugees settled in West Delhi’s Bodela locality. Is India providing a safe environment for them? What are their employment opportunities? And who are the most affected members of this persecuted community? We met Abu Taher and Nizamuddin — both of whom fled from Myanmar and came to India via Bangladesh. They talk about their families’ needs and necessities and the difficulties of living as a refugee under the current BJP regime in India. “India is playing football with us,” Nizamuddin says.We also spoke to Ranjana Kumari, the director of CSR, on why the Indian government isn’t too keen on settling the Rohingyas. Tune in!

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Imagined Homelands Episode 2

Is Migration Coming in the Way of Voting?

There’s a constant movement from rural to urban, from city to city and guess how many migrants there are in the country roughly? 450 million! That makes India the country with both the largest migrating population and the largest voting population. And chances are, a good percentage of those who are listening to the podcast are migrants, working or studying in a city or state they were not born in. For a lot of people being a migrant means: better luck casting your vote next time! In this episode of Imagined Homelands, we talk to migrants across the country and abroad about what this voting season means for them and their voices. Tune in!

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