01 For Institutions

We are open to partnerships for developing our ongoing projects and for furthering our vision through advocacy. We are also open to onboarding and co-developing relevant new projects.

We aim to become a platform where participants from different sectors — including private companies, research institutions, and government agencies share, coordinate and create effective solutions needed to make migration a beneficial choice for migrants, their households and their hosts.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please write to us at:

02 For Individuals

IMN aims to be both a creator and facilitator of high quality and effective migration research and policy in India. We want to rapidly increase the quantity of initiatives (research, policy or otherwise) on migration in India.

So if you are a researcher, a student, a data aficionado or even an entrepreneur, and you have a specific research idea, policy initiative or a killer app idea that fits with our vision, please write to us at:

Who We Work With



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