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Emigration Policy

What ?

Given the importance of migration to millions of Indian households, our vision is to ensure regulations and policies help Indians grab the opportunities that migration has to offer. The promotion and protection of welfare of emigrants is a core part of our work. and in order to understand the emigration policy framework, the team analyzed the trajectory of emigration policies in India and its evolution from pre-independence to the Draft Emigration Bill 2019. Along with this we also conducted interviews with emigrants, return migrants, field experts, policy makers, researchers and academicians to fully understand the migration trajectory from the decision to migrate to the reintegration in the source.




December, 2018

Why ?

India is the source country for the world’s largest stock of international migrants. Therefore it is important to ensure that the rights of migrants are safeguarded at all the stages of migration. IMN attempts to understand the migration process of emigrants from India, their rights, policies and the issues they face, in order and create advocacy strategies based of these factors.

How ?

The team evaluated India’s emigration policy framework (Draft emigration bill 2019 and Emigration Act 1922, 1983) and the team also sent out comments on the Draft Emigration Bill 2019, published a Commentary in EPW, Hindu article, blogs, podcasts. IMN has also partnered with India’s oldest recruitment agencies. Ambe International as an ethical recruitment partner. IMN is also conducting key informant interviews in order to understand the issues of female emigrants and the role of recruiting agencies in their process of emigration.



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